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bath-tub-cleaningWhen you need specialist tile and grout cleaning in Wickford SS11, look no further than this experienced team. Tile and grout cleaning can often be overlooked, but it is a vital aspect of keeping your tiles in top condition and making sure they last for a long time. When cleaning is ignored, grime and bacteria accumulates easily and the area can become unhygienic and mouldy. Don't let this happen - let us take care of the cleaning process and leave your home sanitary and brilliantly clean.

Take Advantage of Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

You're probably wondering why we're so special so we thought we'd enlighten you as to the advantages of our services. We understand it's not just the end results that are important, but also offer a more holistic approach to all user of our services, including:

Why Choose Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Wickford SS11?


  • The life of your tiles will be extended with our experienced tile and grout cleaning services, as well as restoring their look and shine
  • Well-maintained and clean tiled surfaces increase the value of your property
  • Our high quality cleaning will reduce grout cracks and mould build-up
  • Once professionally¬†cleaned your tiles will be free from germs and bacteria
  • Visit our prices page to see just how affordable we are
  • For further discounts book a multiple package, for example Neff cleaning, Stanley cleaning or oven cleaning
  • We'll fit in around your day with our flexible booking system

How We Undertake Tile Cleaning

There are several different options for tile cleaning we'll make sure we choose the right one for the circumstances. In some instances steam cleaning is the best approach, in other cases manual hand scrubbing will give a more sound result. In all events your work will start with an honest examination of the current condition of your tiling and grout work. If we think the grout is irretrievable, we'll tell you! You're the customer, so the choice is always yours but when it seems unlikely that staining can be removed from grout we offer the option of mastic or silicon resealing.

A Tile Cleaning Service That Protects Your Investment

We know how obvious tiled areas can be when they start to show a bit of wear and tear, so when you book our tile cleaning service you'll be getting work from specialists who really know how to bring your tiles back to their best. Each of the experts is experienced cleaning technician with many years of experience, and they'll be able to precisely identify and treat your tiles no matter what material your tiles are made from. You'll be getting work from fully insured and referenced-checked specialists, the quality of whose work you can read about over on our testimonials page.

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Arrange the tile and grout cleaning you need in Wickford any time you decide to dial 01268 813030. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support advisers keep our lines open around the clock, so you can pick up the phone and call at any time. We'll be pleased to give you a free  quotes on our services whenever you get in touch - there's no obligation whatsoever - and we'll answer any questions you've got while you've got us on the line. You can also request a free quote, set up your appointment, or ask us a question when you reach us online. Simply enter your details into our contact form or use our chat facility now.

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